Masih lagi berjaga. Tak tidur menghadap nota nota yg bersepah ni. Macam macam tajuk surgical semester ni. Aduhai, sabarlah.... Nama pun menimba ilmu.

Update entry ni pun saje je after cakap dengan housemate i "Aku nak update 20facts about me lah kejap dekat blog...." So I decided to log in and begin with my writing....

1)   An introvert person. It's hard for me to start any conversation.
2)   I love dark red
3)   Doodling is my passionate hobby.
4)   Like action movies, and thrillers too!
5)   Unofficially traditional dancer. Penari kolej je pun.
6)   Can't stop loving Adam Levine since 13.
7)   Can't live without ayah, ibu and didit. They're my soul.....
8)   I regret with sort of things, but I learned from em.
9)   Not a very cat lover
10) A sister and A sister
11) Passionate to perfume and lipstick
12) Can't stop talking with my bae but I have no bae.
13) Please, I dont like spicy
14) I have an asthma. Allergic to cold, extreme fullness and dust.
15) Sensitive, over thinking and romantic... Haha!
16) I'll love you forever if you dont lemme go.
17) Well till now, I havent found the parts of my heart cause I still meet a wrong person that makes my heart broken.
18) My food is my money. I love both....
19) I love 9 & 19 & September
20) Ever been half crazy cause someone I love the most leave me and lied to me. But I realized, jodoh itu milik Allah. Semoga Allah tutup pintu hati ni selama lamanya buat dia. Amin ~ ~

Thats all, Thank you for reading ^_^